== Wario== Wario is a character from the Mario series and is Mario's parallel rival. Wario is almost like Mario except that he is bigger than Mario, wears Purple and Yellow overalls, green shoes and also a reversed 'M' making a 'W'. Wario is also very strong, stronger than Mario, Donkey Kong, and probably, Bowser.

Amazing Super Mario BrosEdit

Wario is a character in Amazing Super Mario Bros. His sprite is an edited version of Mario from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. He doesn't really have a real role but Wario is seen in all Amazing Super Mario Bros episodes. Wario in this series is called, ' Wario and his Chomp '. He is called this because in all of the Amazing Super Mario Bros episodes, Wario's chomp is always seen and also Wario. He appears in unexpected places, and is very unlucky - as in Luigi's Mansion he is seen being chased by a bob-omb. usually near the end of an episode Wario will appear, pause for a while, and then his chain chomp will appear to chase him, and just as the chomp is about to eat him, either the episode finishes, or pauses. Wario's Chomp is first seen in the unreleased ' Wario's Unlucky Day'. In Mario vs. Bowser, Wario appears at the very end where he hits a ? Block, but a pipe appears instead of a power-up. As Wario jumps near the pipe, his chain-chomp appears, and ' eats him'. The screen fades black, and Wario's cry is heard.


Wario's edited appearce.


  • Wario gained much popularity after numerous schemes involving Wario getting eaten by his chomp.