Mario is the main protagonist of the Mario series and also the main protagonist of the spin-off Amazing Super Mario Bros. A very famous character,he


Mario in New Super Mario Bros.

has changed the whole life of video gaming and he also has over 200 games. So far he has appeared in two Amazing Super Mario Bros.

Amazing Super Mario BrosEdit

In the unofficial spin-off series of Amazing Super Mario Bros, Mario appears in his Super Mario World incarnation and is seen very often fighting off Bowser's minions and, winning, all the time. In Mario vs. Bowser, Mario had to go through 4 levels (excluding the last level) all battling Bowser's minions. On the first level, he fought Giant Shy Guys, Koopas and a Goomba who fled. On the second, Mario encountered a strange Boo-Shy Guy-Karate enemy who beat him up. Mario won the fight soon against two Spear Guys and a red koopa. Later on, he fought a Giant Shy Guy and then encountered a strange clone of Mario with a Shy Guy face. It was a rough battle as the Shy Guy could kick fire but, Mario won. He was then soon transported to Bowser's battle arena where Mario ended up getting beat up. When he recovered, he used his ' magic paintbrush ' to change the setting into a Mario Kart track. Mario was saved by a platform while Bowser and his Koopas ended up getting run over by various karts. Mario also fled and got into his Kart with Luigi and shot Bowser with a red shell. Baby Mario is also seen in this episode but got hit by a Bowser Shell.


Mario in Amazing Super Mario Bros (Super Mario World Sprite)


  • Mario is not seen in the episode, Luigi's Mansion but if people listen clearly, near the end they can hear Mario say, "Its-a Me! Mario"
  • Mario also makes a cameo in Luigi's Mansion. What is seen is only his hat somewhere on a desk.