Bowser from New Super Mario Bros. Wii

== Bowser== Bowser is the arch nemesis of Mario in the Mario franchise series. He is a big, spike-shelled koopa who is very powerful. He is also a character in Amazing Super Mario Bros who appears mostly in episodes where it takes place in his own castle. Bowser also has seven children known as the koopalings, and he also has a new son named Bowser Jr. whom he really respects, unlike his other koopalings.

Amazing Super Mario BrosEdit

In amazing Super Mario Bros, Bowser appears in a modified Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga sprite. Bowser appeared in the episode, Mario vs. Bowser where Mario went through various rooms of Bowser's castle to reach him. Bowser fought Mario in Bowser's battle arena, where there was only a single platform, two blocks above it and rising lava. Bowser ambushed Mario, and soon the battle arena changed to a Mario Kart track. Mario was saved by a rising platform when Bowser and his minions were run over by various players. After Bowser was ambushed, he threw a Bowser Shell at Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. He was then seen walking happily before being hit by a Blue Spiny Shell, an item used in Mario Kart games.


Bowser's edited sprites


  • Bowser's previous sprites were an animated version based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is unknown why the sprites changed.